by Frederike Schouten and Deborah van der Schaaf

Ik [heart] Jou Omdat

The title says [heart] because when I tried to use the fancy heart symbol it wasn’t working.

This is a book you fill out and give to your love. Each page has something you write in that describes how you feel about them: reasons why they are beautiful, how they smell, what dreams you’ve had about them, what music that reminds you of them. While it’s all in Dutch, it’s easy to understand what each page is about because there are beautiful illustrations and photos all cleverly designed. For the music page, you fill in your answer by writing on a photo of a cassette tape that’s been printed about actual size. For the dreams page you write your answer on lines that look like they’ve been needlepointed into a bed pillow. I actually love this book so muchIi would have a hard time giving it to my love. But maybe my love will fill it out and give it to me… even better! Check out the designer/illustrator Deborah van der Schaaf’s site- she has some amazing work. You can buy this book here or here.

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