by All-You-Can-Eat-Press

New York Donut, Ramen and Burger Maps





I was really happy to be sent these beautiful New York maps from illustrator and designer Jim Datz. And while they don’t necessarily qualify as a book, they are too helpful and way too well-designed not to mention on this site. Each map is a mini NYC guidebook to a specific delicious delicacy: doughnuts, ramen, burgers. They each fold out revealing interesting informational tidbits. For example you can find some rules of ramen etiquette (the proper way to eat is to slurp!), a historical timeline of the burger (the first smashed meatball sandwich was in 1885), and theories about how the doughnut got it’s hole (maybe because Hanson Gregory, credited as the doughnut’s inventor, had a mother who had trouble cooking the middle of the dough without burning the outside, thus deciding to just get rid of the middle).



Completely unfolded, the maps reveal Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens numbered with locations of the best spots to find these treats. Each establishment gets a tiny review with the exact address, days it’s in operation, if it’s veggie friendly and a price scale of one to three $. The border of each map has a photo from each location, creating a mouth-watering montage printed in two colors. All of these meals were personally taste-tested by the maps creators – this was a labor of love for All-You-Can-Eat-Press who hand-folds and packages each map in a wax envelope sealed with a sticker.

Even though warm weather is upon us I’ve been craving ramen like crazy, so that map is staying in close reach. You can get yours right here.