by Wolfie and the Sneak


This is a limited edition coloring book of 25 international artists’ self portraits. Each artist did one page. The pages, which are thick- almost cardstock, easily rip out so that once you finish coloring a page, you can easily hang it on the wall. I really like all the different interpretations of “self portrait” each artist made. Camilla Engman drew her muse, her dog Morran. Something’s Hiding in Here drew their tattoos. I contributed a page to this project too and drew all the stuff cluttered around me including my keys, lactaid milk and my foot. Other artists drew a more traditional self portrait that included their faces, but they still are each in their own unique style with fun elements that make you recognize who they are. This project was curated by Renee Garner of Wolfie and the Sneak and you can get your coloring book right here. There’s only 100 of these so act fast.

(Below is Justin Richel, Julianna Swaney and mine. Home page is Camilla Engman)


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