by Lena Corwin

Printing by Hand

It took me a while to order this book. I thought it would be full of stuff I already knew how to do. In art school I carved linoleum blocks and silkscreened and made mono-prints. What else was there? I know the author Lena from the neighborhood and finally decided if there was anyone who was going to make a beautiful and informative book, it would be her. So it came in the mail a few days ago and much to my surprise I hadn’t tried all the printing techniques in the book. Who knew you could iron on freezer paper to make a stencil, or cut intricate shapes from thin foam to make stamps? Plus for each technique she gives an interesting project idea to use it on. With patterns and instructions you can make travel pouches, stenciled lampshades, dog beds and paperless wallpaper. In the back of the book she even provides an envelope full of her own designs so if you aren’t the best at drawing or coming up with interesting patterns, you can use hers! Get a copy of this book here and happy printing!



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