The Best of BBIC: 2008

This year I wanted to do a top ten of my favorite books from 2008. That does not necessarily mean they were published in 2008, it means they were reviewed here on BBIC this year. The sketchbook series is really my favorite thing to come out of 2008 but here are the top books you can buy-

My top picks for the year:
1. The Night Life of Trees- most beautiful book by far
2. ABC3D- most innovative, everyone can enjoy this book
3. Fraktur Mon Amour- beautiful book, plus a ton of typefaces on a cd
4. Captain Cavity Cereal- hand-silkscreened, really fun, comes with actual cereal
5. Beasts 2- a sequel to a great collection of contemporary artists and illustrators
6. Playpen- great overview of the best new children’s illustration
7. Gary Panter- massive books in box, a huge collection of his work
8. You Are Forgiven- (I’m a little biased here b/c Matt and I are friends) really nice collection of work, embossed hard cover
9. Anorak- really really awesome kid’s magazine, kids needed this
10. I Live Here- informative subject matter, unique format

The most commented posts this year starting with the most-
Sketchbook Series of Chad Kouri
Sketchbook Series Julia Rothman
Self Publishing On Blurb
Anorak Magazine
Sketchbook Series: Mike Lowery
Abby Hendrickson’s Zines
What It is
Inspiration: Lotta Jansdotter
Le Tour du Monde de Mouk

The most popular post according to the blog statistics is (drumroll…)
The Pictoral Guide to Sexual Intercourse

The most popular search word to bring someone to the blog from google was “intercourse”. Can you believe that? Really funny.

Please comment on your favorite books of 2008!

Also check out Drawn’s top book picks of 2008 here and here.

Next week Chad Kouri is guest blogging. I am really looking forward to it.


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