by Andrew Losowsky

The Doorbells of Florence

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What started online and became a Lulu book is now a beautiful little hardcover from Chronicle Books. Writer and photographer Andrew Losowky went on a trip around Florence Italy taking pictures of doorbells. I was surprised at how many doorbell variations there are in this book. These photos inspired short stories about the people who’s apartments are connected to these bells. The stories are sweet and mysterious and some are very short, less than a couple of paragraphs. In some ways they remind me of the movie Amelie because Andrew gives quick glimpses into the lives of some very quirky individuals. Alongside the doorbell images, each story is introduced with a handdrawn title by Joel Holland. His illustrated type seems to match the style of the doorbell in some subtle clever way that I enjoy. Pick up a copy of this book here. (I recommend it for subway travel.)


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