by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes

3191: Evenings

At the NY Art Book Fair I finally got to meet Maria Vettese (some in the blog world know her as Mav) at the Lines and Shapes/ Other Books table. She has just released a second book of her collaborative photographic work with Stephanie Congdon Barnes called 3191: Evenings. You may remember the last series which began online and then was turned into a beautiful book by Princeton Architectural Press. A Year of Mornings, paired each of their still life daily photographs creating amazing juxtapositions and incredible dialogue between the two photos, even though the artists live 3191 miles apart. As a follow-up, they decided to do a series of evenings: photos taken between the hours of 5 and 10pm. It again started online, and when the year was over they self-published this book (under Other Books), curating the collection themselves. The result is a another lovely book full of tiny personal glimpses into the lives of these two artists. The design of this book is better: the square format allows for bigger full size images, and they have included more at that scale. The very matte paper softens all the color giving the photos an even more calming quality than they already have. Very pretty book! You can get a copy here.


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