by Kris Vervaeke

Ad Infinitum

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This book is a collection of portraits left on tombstones in cemeteries in Hong Kong. Each page in this small hardcover is an image of one decaying photo meant as a memorial to someone lost that was then attached to a headstones. From the author/photographer Kris Vervaeke: “In this book he portraits have been isolated from the headstones on purpose. Out of context of the cemetery and away from the idea of death. The focus lie on the portrait itself, people in their present.”

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The portraits are many states of deterioration. Some are completely whitened with only dark eyes left behind, others have just begun fading. Each one is captivating whether they are smiling through the paper’s disintegration or serious behind scrapes. “A single image selected to convey a whole life.”

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You can get a copy here.

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