by Barbara Levine, Kirsten M. Jensen

Around The World: The Great Tour in Photo Albums

My mom once bought a whole bunch of small photo albums of a (1930s??) sea captain at an antique flea market. We’ve had so much fun looking through them noticing the old fashions, the weird places he traveled all over the world and guessing who his lovers were. So when I saw this book I was so excited. It’s collected old photos, postcards and handwritten journal entries about traveling from the turn of the twentieth century. The book is so beautifully designed with big photos of the actual albums and diaries opened- the photos big enough to read the author’s hand. There’s also all sorts of travel documents, tickets, and maps so you can follow along on these people’s trips. It’s really quite interesting and there is just something so pleasurable about looking through old black and white photos held into a book with photo corners. You can learn more about this book and pick up a copy here.



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