by Rose-Lynn Fisher


This book will blow your mind! Its magnifications images of a honeybee ranging from 10x to 5000x. I can’t get over how how crazy everything looks up close, especially the tiny hairs. And you know what’s so interesting, the pattern on the eye of the bee is hexagon shapes, the same as a honeycomb pattern! Alongside each photo, the photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher tells you some interesting information. For example, with the eye image: “Each worker’s compound eye comprises about 6,000 hexagonal, faceted lenses, and each lens captures light from it’s own angle. Combining visual information from each tiny eye, forms are perceived as a mosaic of dots rather than with fine detail.” Learn more about bees and be amazed by these photos- get a copy here. Also see these images in an exhibit at Farmani Gallery in Brooklyn through July 3.

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