by Nobuyoshi Araki


This week Anna Gleason is posting about her finds at the Tokyo Art Book Fair:

At Zine’s Mate – Tokyo Art Book Fair this weekend there was a special exhibition – History of Early Artist’s Books in Japan (Focus: Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki) which is where I found this book. I had seen Nobuyoshi Araki’s work before but had no idea he was so prolific – turns out he’s published over 350 books. This one’s called Kakyoku – which (after a very long discussion with some Japanese friends) might mean something like “flower-song”. It’s full to the brim of these wild, saturated, sexy flowers. Everybody loves flowers, right? According to wikipedia Araki started taking pictures of flowers after he was diagnosed with cancer. This book is from 1997. Since it was viewable only with white-gloved staff person at hand I’m pretty sure you can’t afford it which is just as well because I wasn’t able to find out where to buy it.


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