by Getmapping

New York- The Photo Atlas

Google maps amazes me. They keep doing more and more. Have you seen the street views you can do now? Here’s my favorite bagel store and the park I take my dog to every day. (you can grab to do a 360). A few years before this was all possible, I was amazed by this book that came out. It’s the entire city of New York from above- page after page of full bleed photos. The pictures are close enough to see the shapes of small buildings (taken from 5,500 ft up). I really like this book and having big printed photographs of what I can see blurry on google. Some of the pages almost look like paintings, with the green gray water tones and snaking highways. They are really gorgeous. I also like finding where I live, my parents live and everyone I know lives. It’s a fun challenge to do without using the key in the back. I grew up on this weird island in the Bronx called City Island and whenever people ask “What? Where is that?” I can take out this trusty book as a quick reference (that’s a picture of City Island on the home page). You can buy a copy of this book here.



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