by Magnum Photographers

New York September 11

In honor of today I wanted to post about this incredible book. Magnum is a photographic co-operative of some of the best journalistic photographers and they compiled the best photographs they took on September 11th for this book. The photos are stunning. Some of the pictures of the skeletons of the buidings and ash covered sidewalks are beautiful, and some other ones perfectly capture the devestation on people’s faces. Everytime I look at this book I am shocked and saddened all over again. And like every New Yorker, I can distinctly recall the feeling and moment of when I heard the news and then turned on the television. (Luckily I happened to be at school in Rhode Island. It was the day before classes started my senior year.) What’s also great about this book is the essays by the photographers that accompany the photographs. The photographer’s talk about being there and taking the pictures. From Larry Towell-”Then the building came down. I was scared. Everyone was scared. I didn’t see it come down, but I saw the smoke. A black, black cloud came rushing toward us. People obviously thought they were going to die. I just thought I would get dirty. I tried to photograph. My camera didn’t work. The green light was blinking, saying, “I don’t know what to focus on.” You can get a copy of this book here and learn more about Magnum here.



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