Exquisite Book Blog Tour

I promise I’ll be posting about other things besides The Exquisite Book very soon! But I had to let you know today launches our 3 week blog tour. The schedule is posted below. On each of these days the following blogs will post a different thing about our book from interviews with us to interviews with artists from the book, to sketches for the book structure, to pictures from our event, to just a good old fashioned review. Design For Mankind is the first blog today and she’ll be posting an interview with me. Thanks for following along!

10/18 Design for Mankind
10/19 My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses
10/20 Creature Comforts
10/21 Oh Joy!
10/22 Pikaland
10/25 Print and Pattern
10/26 ReadyMade magazine
10/28 The Post Family
10/29 Décor 8
11/1 Uppercase Journal
11/2 Mint
11/3 Grain Edit
11/5 7×7 Magazine


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