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Flickr Moleskines Part 2

Without further ado- part 2–

Aggo Le is an art director at a woman’s magazine in Hong Kong. His moleskine pages contain beautifully rendered sketches mixed with some graphic elements and patterns. I’m always in awe of people who can draw realistically and seemingly effortlessly like Aggo Le and I love that his writing just fills the extra space. Check out more of Aggo Le’s work here.


If you check out ilovelukin’s website, you would never guess that this is his moleskine. His website has a portfolio of paintings that are very tightly painted patterns in layers of color. In another section he shows us the process- pretty intense. On his site he also has photos of mural paintings he’s done in all different rooms. They are graphic decorative patterns snaking across the walls- just gorgeous. His moleskine seems to be the place where he let’s loose and experiments. I like the weird cartoon characters and unexpected collaging. Something about these compositions seems so balanced even though they are so strange. Check out more of his work here. Also check out the studio pictures- what a packed space. I would love to dive in to all that stuff.


Something about greenfemale’s (Jenny M’s) work caught my eye. It’s really sweet and cute but also quirky. I like the characters she draws and the way she fills backgrounds with pattern. I love the page with all the Hebrew writing. I can’t read it but I like just how it looks filling the space. Jenny is located in Jerusalem. She also has an etsy store with prints and little handmade stuffed toys. (This one is so great). Also you can watch pages of her moleskine turning here and here and an animation here.


Last but certainly not least is is zucot (Bruna Canepa). Bruna doesn’t have many moleskine pages up on flickr but the ones she has up are really awesome. I just really love Brunas work- all of it- all the bear and walrus drawings and paintings, all the woody allen art and even this set of photos of small objects. Bruna is located in São Paulo, Brazil.


Thanks Aggo Le, ilovelukin, Jenny M and Bruna for letting me share. Keep up the great work. And for everyone out there who got inspired- here- start.


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