by Julia Rothman

The “Forever” Sketchbook

Today is my birthday again. Every year on my birthday I’ve posted something I’ve made. This year I decided to post what I have come to call my “Forever” Sketchbook. It has become known as that because the scale is so so huge, it’s a long accordion book made of 15×22″ pages, and I have been using it for so many years and that will continue until who knows… It started after college when I was very into making painted sketchbooks, especially accordions. This one was going to be the monster one of them all. But as I started to work professionally, the less I worked on my own side projects like this one. I decided instead of drawing directly into it, to use it more as a scrapbook of sorts, gluing in old drawings I might have otherwise thrown away. There are a ton of drawings from my senior year in college when I was obsessed with drawing ladies out of fashion magazines. And there are a lot of test prints from a printmaking class I took- so you’ll see many variations of the same image often on different pages. Then there are the first drawings of patterns from when we started our company ALSO’s homepage. And many other drawings from other ALSO projects. But the scrapbook sketchbook got forgotten time and again and wound up under my bed or behind a bookcase. Recently when I moved I took it out and vowed to start it up again. I have a pile of drawings waiting to be collaged into the mix. It’s definitely a continuing work in progress. I want to cover both sides of the accordion eventually, so I need to make more of an effort to use it. I like the idea of keeping this visual diary of my past artistic life. Looking through it now reminds me of both how I’ve developed my style, but also what things I shouldn’t give up- like the looser free-er line quality or using more texture and different colored paper.
Thanks for looking! xojulia
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