Sketchbook: Alison Worman

Today I am excited to share a beautiful bunch of sketchbooks by a talented student of Maryland Institute College of Art (aka MICA). Alison Worman is only a junior majoring in Fibers and Book Arts, but her work is already so well developed. She says ” I am interested in the way that collage, fabric and sewing techniques can be applied to the form of the book. I explore these relationships frequently in my sketchbooks.” Her books are exploding with fabric, stitching, collage and drawings. Each spread is a new interesting composition made from so many different layers of materials. The mixtures of techniques are exciting: a series of stitches fills in the head area of a collaged magazine photo, a circular cutting of tracing paper sits over a collage and ink drawing. I am intrigued to see what Alison will do next. I would love to see an enormous version similar to her sketchbook work. A giant drawing/collage/stitched piece. You can keep up with Alison’s work on her blog here. She is working on a lot of cool projects.


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