Sketchbook: Ana Laura Perez

I knew Ana’s gorgeous floral pattern work from design blog land, but I learned about her drawings and illustrations when she wrote me to ask if she could share her sketchbooks. I love how delicate and graceful her pencil lines are and how there is a little bit of edgyness to her feminine style. This is what Ana had to say in her own words-

I’m a fashion designer based in Argentina, but I work as an illustrator, I really love to draw. I’ve worked as a textile designer, you can see some of its influence in my work. I enjoy making patterns for the clothing I dress my girls up into. In my sketchbooks I always try to be free when it comes to drawing and collaging, but I tend to be very tidy and end up making drawings that look like a finished product more than a sketch. I enjoy it a lot, I spend most of my free time making drawings in them, trying new things, materializing what comes to my mind. I love working with my mechanical pencil and spend hours making details. I also enjoy painting small spots of colour in them to give a more finished look. My drawings are based on thin lines that change their thickness around the drawing. I make sections with strong blacks and other that are kept as thin grey lines. I like my drawings to seem fragile and very feminine but i love mixing that with a dark side of mystery as well to make them more magical and rare to look at and make the viewer spend a few minutes looking at them to discover their meanings or aesthetic. I’m passionate about crystals, nature, my family roots (Russian), cloth and how it falls over peoples bodies and things forming all those wrinkles. I use lots of inspiration from magazine clippings, photos found in the internet, nature books and movies. I keep folders with images that inspire me or that caused me something when I saw them.

Thanks Ana so much for sharing! You can see more of her work here. She sells original works from her site and plans to sell prints soon.



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