Sketchbook: Ana Montiel

Pretty patterns and flowers are some of my favorite things in the world, and Ana Montiel paints some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, in dreamy watercolor and beautiful color harmonies. I’m thrilled that Ana is sharing her sketchbooks with us now, filled with bits and pieces of her patterns, flowers, and decorative lettering.

Ana is a London-based Spanish illustrator and designer who has worked for brands including Nina Ricci, Jo Malone, and Carolina Herrera. Her watercolor florals adorn Nina Ricci’s new Cristal Collection, and the numerous drafts for the same project are equally breathtaking. Some of Ana’s other work, “Visual Mantras” explores repetitive, meditative geometric patterns that, in her words, are “based upon the cyclical and rhythmic flow of life”. You can see more of Ana’s work on her website and her blog, and purchase prints and wallpaper of her patterns in her online shop. She also has released a limited edition book, Visual Mantras, compiling the patterns in the series.


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