Sketchbook: Andrés Sandoval

Today I am so excited to share a very incredibly unique sketchbook made by Brazilian based artist Andrés Sandoval. This accordion fold out sketchbook is completely filled with repurposed sticker collages. Made from blank price tags, fruit stickers, and other random number and letter stickers Andrés has created a book full of bright colorful patterns and interesting shapes. It’s funny how some of it looks like it references the digital world of pixels and then other parts of his book seems like folk art quilts to me. Below he has given us a picture of each page as it turns. Here’s what Andrés had to say about his work:

I started this sketchbook a year ago when i found dozens of sticker rolls in an old telephone repair shop on my neighbourhood. I also bought some when I went to Japan, and now my friends give me fruit stickers, price stickers, “sale”, “raw” and “fresh”.

I recently illustrated a children’s book with stickers and other scraps (postcards, letter stamps, prints, packs, maps). It was published in Brazil as Viagens para lugares que nunca fui (Journeys to places I’ve never been): the story of a boy who can´t travel and builds on his own table sceneries of places he would like to go.

I also collect stamps and I’ve drawn a whole series of them with urban motives inspired by São Paulo city: antennas, water towers, windows, cars, elevators and walls.

Accordion books are one of my interests as well. And I’ve done books that are a single continuous illustration folded as an accordion (15 to 18 feet long). Ora bolas (2005), Curumim (2004) and Ipueiras (2008) (unpublished, but a made a mural inspired by).

Check out even more of Andrés interesting and beautiful work here. I think you will love it as much I do!



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