Sketchbook: Becca Stadtlander

Leah and I were so excited when Becca responded quickly about being part of the sketchbook series. And who wouldn’t be, her sketchbooks are simply delightful to look through. When I first found Becca’s work I was immediately struck by her palettes. I think she has a real natural talent for picking the perfect colors. Each illustration on her site brings you to a new world filled with pops of orange and pinks surrounded by bright greens. Her painterly application gives the pieces a playful but sophisticated look. Her sketchbooks is full of more little paintings and drawings I wouldn’t mind diving into. Here’s what she had to say about them: There are 5 spanning over 4 years. I bound all of them except the black one, which is my current one (and a moleskin). It takes me a long time to fill up a sketchbook, but when I do it’s so satisfying. They are my diaries, and when I look at old pages I can remember exactly what I was doing and feeling, even though there is no extensive writing. Nevertheless, I can’t help but litter my pages with random words and silly notes that I can hardly remember the meaning of. I’m a list keeper which certainly makes its way into my sketchbooks how I draw in them. My everyday aesthetic really boils down to a sort of chaotic order-gathering of collections and sprawling ideas. Check out more of Becca’s work here. And look for her work on some Little Otsu products coming soon! Thanks Becca!


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