Sketchbook: Ben Finer

These insane pages are the sketchbooks of Ben Finer. These pages have gotten thick from his pasting and painting. There are layers upon layers of drawings, stamping, collaged images, paper scraps, and much much more. You can look at these pages for hours, there’s so much going on. Most pages seem like a psychedelic nightmare with technicolor attacking hippos or angry cartoon characters. A couple are more quiet and peaceful, full of interesting detailed architecture or a polite bathroom. Either way the drawings always have a ton of details. Little tiny patterns cover over any one color surface giving it more dimension. Comic book parts are embellished with hypercolor designs. Ben went to RISD with me and came over for dinner so I could shoot these books which he said he thinks of less as “sketch” books and more as pieces themselves. He has just finished a Masters program at Parsons. See more of his work on his site here.


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