Sketchbook: Camilla Engman

What can I tell you about the Camilla’s work that you don’t already know? It’s charming and beautiful and interesting. She can have a lot of drama in her paintings or her illustrations can be as perfectly light and funny as this one. Her characters are engaging- with contemplative gazes and seemingly quirky personalities. Her color palette is full of combinations that are truly comforting and there is always such incredible texture which I am always trying to dissect- how did she do that? I can’t find an image she made that I don’t love and I often find myself clicking through her paintings imagining them hanging in my home close to me (one of these days!). It’s nice to find out an artist you admire is also a cool person. From Camilla’s blog, which I’m addicted to, she keeps us updated with works in progress, shares inspiration and personal tidbits and is always linking to something unique. When I asked Camilla to share her sketchbooks she sent me some images but said she wasn’t sure if they were good enough. I told her she was nuts. They are great. I think you’ll agree–


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