Sketchbook: Chris Kyung

Anything I write about Chris Kyung will be biased because he is one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. But I think it’s safe to say he is a totally incredible artist. His works make you think, are often beautiful to look at and always perfectly crafted- and I mean perfectionist material. His set of “countries“, sculptures cut from layers of wood, have always been a favorite of mine and most anyone else who gets a chance to see them in person. His drawings of intricate twisting organic shapes that seem to come from some surreal futuristic place have made their way onto all of Chris’s clothing via embroidery. He’s also made series of sweatshirts for friends, each design personal to the recipient whether it integrates some text or some pattern they like. Chris has not cut his hair for years now he wears it in one very long braid which flies behind him as he rides his bike everywhere. He designed all of his tattoos except for the one on his arm- a replica of a gyro sign from Chicago. At RISD, where we met, most people knew him as “Naked Chris” because he, well, he got naked a lot. He received his diploma from the president of the school in only a short fur coat. Chris lives in Brooklyn and works at a letterpress studio. I am hoping one day he’ll start a clothing line with all his unique designs. Here is what Chris had to say about his sketchbook: My sketchbooks afford me the invaluable opportunity to fearlessly explore the aesthetic possibilities that beer spills have to offer. And so here I present his sketchbooks, but be sure to check out his other work here. (xo to Chris for sharing!)


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