Sketchbook: Christian DeFilippo

I’ve had many good times with Christian back when we were in school together at RISD. One particular memory always sticks of Christian huge hair and colorful clothes swinging back and forth in a harness swing our friend Sarah made for a project. Let’s just say it wasn’t a completely sturdy swing. But Christian was always up for the next adventure and in art school there are plenty of those. I also remember Christian very devoted to his work and is was not uncommon to find him in his room surrounded by a million colorful scraps of papers, crayons, pencils, markers- you name it- working furiously on one of his collaged masterpieces. I am happy to learn that he is still keeping it up many years later. In his art statement Christian talks about the content of his drawings- “Most of them involve people expressing themselves and having fun. Dancing, partying, and enjoying life. This is a theme reflected in the color of the work. It’s bright and radiant as if coming from a disco ball, or from a feeling within.” Who wouldn’t want to live in the awesome psychedelic worlds Christian creates? Let’s dance! Thanks to Christian for sharing his sketchbook which is just as exciting. The pages are filled with drawings in different mediums and the pages are thick with glued in extras making me wish this blog was tactile and we could reach in to turn his heavy pages. Find more of Christian’s work here.
Ps. I’ve posted a handmade book Christian made a while back right here.



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