Sketchbook: Claudia Pearson

On Friday after sharing Claudia’s new book Tribal Alphabet, I promised to share her sketchbooks. (things got hectic and I decided to join my boyfriend on his corporate golf weekend after all, so I missed the second posting which was going to be this one. anyway..) From these sketchbooks we learn Claudia must be a world traveler with sketches from Italy to Bali- from drawings of train passengers to outdoor markets to gorgeous architecture. Her styles in these sketchbooks ranges from using only line to using loose blotchy color and she uses a few mediums- watercolor, ink, pencil. All of these styles seem very different from her gouache flat tight paintings we see in her book and on her site. It’s so nice to see a peek in her sketchbooks to see the variety of styles she can do. How great are those street portraits on the bottom? Claudia’s work can be seen in almost every major publication, check out her site to see more examples. Thanks so much Claudia for sharing!

New!- This is what Claudia had to say about her work–
I was born and raised in London and spent most family holidays driving through Europe; I was fortunate to grow up in a family of travelers and was always fascinated by other cultures and traditions.

For as long as I can remember I sketched everywhere I went whether it was men chatting under trees in Colombia, women selling flowers in Martinique or families traveling by ferry in Samoa.

I’ve always collected bits wherever I go too and used these items in some of my paintings. I love fabrics, jewelry and masks and have fun incorporating them into work back in my studio.

The culmination of this has come in the form of my children’s book called Tribal Alphabet. It came about from a desire to show kids the amazing breadth of cultures around the world and sadly some that will not survive through the next decade.
I hope this will spark an interest such as the one I had as a child and provoke curiosity and conversation.

I have many ideas of where I’d like to go next with my illustration for children and am collaborating with other designers and writers on projects.



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