Sketchbook: Elizabeth Huey

I am happy today to share the work of artist Elizabeth Huey. She has sent a whole slew of stuff to represent her “sketchbook”. Here’s what she says about it: “My sketchbook is not confined to a bound book of pages. Many of my preparatory pieces are kept in folders, both on the desktop of my mac or in archival binders or taped to the wall next to my paintings. I am often searching for new source material in flea markets, libraries or on the web. I am sending you a small selection of things I consider sketches including: photos I’ve taken and collected, drawings, collages and old postcards from the past two years.”
If you are not familiar with Elizabeth’s work, you can check out her myspace page which she regularly updates (her regular website is under construction for now). Here’s her artist statement so you can understand more about her work: “Central to my work is an obsession with the hydraulics of behavior and emotion. In this dialectic neurotransmitters become stairways and winding rivers and thick forests become self-sponsored jails. In these paintings angels fight demons, scientists conduct experiments, marauding soldiers hunt vulnerable women and looming architecture watches as the inner dramas of the human psyche unfold. The paintings frequently depict control centers, ears, and odd light sources as stand-ins for intuitive listening. Explosions of color and hard-pressed scribbles personify the unconscious and its repressed traumas and desires. Institutions, such as therapeutic communities and organized religions, are depicted as having the power to manipulate our psyches for both our benefit and detriment. Representations of vast and confined spaces as well as surface play allude to the complex dynamic between power and vulnerability. The brain becomes both the mighty Wurlitzer, spinning out false scripts, as well an instrument of emotional emancipation.” Thanks so much Elizabeth for sharing!



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