Sketchbook: Jenny Volvovski

Jenny Volvovski is my best friend, my business partner and the person who lives inside my computer all day via video phone. She is responsible for all the graphic design of our company ALSO, which means she does pretty much everything (including this very site). I was overjoyed when Abi requested giving a peek into Jenny’s sketchbooks because I have been asking Jenny to share for years and she’s somehow avoided it. Her drawings which seem to be a mix of diagram and diary always make me laugh. Here’s what Jenny had to say about them:

These are some pages of sketchbook type travel journals I used to make and don’t anymore, but really should. A lot of these drawings take an analytical approach to not terribly complex things – tracking the male/female headphone/no-headphone ratios on long bus rides, floor plans and furniture layouts of hotel rooms, summaries of objects purchased on a daily outing. These are really good for remembering exactly what happened on particular days, so if I ever have to travel back in time, I’ll know exactly what to do to avoid a past/future paradox.

(Ok that last sentence is evidence that Jenny is really too obsessed with Lost. Jenny, you can’t change the future even if you try.)

Thanks to Jenny for sharing! Check out more of what she does on our site here.




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