Sketchbook: Joe Tallarico

Joe Tallarico is a comic lover, comic maker, and comic historian. Just about anything you want to know about comics, well, Joe probably knows. A couple years ago we were hanging out and I stumbled upon a gold mine. Seeing his overflowing books with nothing but ink and non-repo pencil drawings that are waaaaay too tight for a sketchbook, made me wonder if he keeps secret sketches and crappy drawings hidden somewhere far away. Every time he has people over I invite myself into his home studio and try to find his secrets. Still haven’t found anything. I’ll let you know when I do. I also have to credit Joe for introducing me to Rapidograph pens which I have been using exclusively for my lettering ever since. His most recent work has included everything from concert posters to a really great series of watercolor pieces. He is also a frequent contributor to the very illusive and brilliant Trubble Club and comics editor for Lumpen Magazine. Needless to say, Joe is a force to be reckoned with. All while holding down a day job. Now that’s what I call dedication.


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