Sketchbook: Jon MacNair

The blog was down yesterday so I missed posting this awesome sketchbook of Jon MacNair. Jon is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Michigan with a growing list of clients and gallery shows. He has exhibited his artwork in San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and Glasgow and he’s been featured in publications such as Faesthetic, Beautiful Decay, AMMO, and IdN. Here’s what he had to say about his sketchbook work: “Not only do I enjoy working in my sketchbook, but I love flipping through other artists sketchbooks as well! For me, filling a sketchbook is like a fun, long-term goal. It usually takes me quite a while (my most recent one took 3 years of on and off drawing), but I try to make every page count. One of the nice things about working on a sketchbook for a long time is, if I draw something I’m not happy with, I leave it for a while and come back to it. Usually after some time has passed, I find the motivation to somehow remedy the drawing, and create something I do like. I find that satisfying. My past sketchbooks are also a great reference for me when I am brainstorming ideas for future works.” Check out more of Jon’s work here and follow his blog here.


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