Sketchbook: Joseph Hart

Joseph Hart mentioned when he sent these photos–”My sketchbook is more of a folder at this point, full of reference materials, shitty snapshots from museums/galleries, keepsakes, crappy drawings, color tests, etc. More than anything else, its an “interesting” mess.” As much as I love to see sketchbooks full of finished beautiful illustrations, it’s just as engaging and usually more interesting seeing the loose work and collected scraps like Joe is sharing. Joe’s work always feels very spiritual to me somehow- very ethereal feeling with thin airy collaged pieces. His choices seem very thoughtful- like the pieces that make up the composition were definitely set in those places for a reason and now they belong there. I am usually not a big fan of work that isn’t figurative- but when browsing through his work I find myself wanting to stay a while in each piece. You can check out more of his work right here. Thanks so much Joe for sharing!



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