Sketchbook: Julia Rothman

So I thought it would be fun to share my sketchbooks this week. I have seven of them from just this year. I would feel so proud of that except they aren’t really used as sketchbooks. I use these books to draw the drawings that eventually become my pattern designs. So I am not really loosely sketching anything but rather trying to make nice line drawings. I then scan the good ones to color and manipulate in the computer for the final design. Some drawings don’t make the cut and I’ve included a few of those below along with some drawings that did. If the drawings did make it into a design I’ve linked them to their finished piece so you can see the transformation. I’ve made prettier sketchbooks before- hand-sewn with painted drawings inside and I thought about sharing those. But these are current and I thought some of the before and after comparing would be interesting. I often get emails from people- how do you make a pattern? how do you start? Well below is my first step. To see more of my pattern designs check out my site here.

covers, dresses (parts used for contribution to next Artist’s Guide- about dressing fancy)

clouds for Red Sky, some random take-out containers

buildings for UO mug, mountain goat for UO pillow

buildings for faraway land, some rejected hands for hand language

more parts for next Artist’s Guide contribution

paisleys that became a wall mural

for a illustrated recipe for d*s, some extra sneakers

for robots pattern, drawings mixed into the paisleys for wall mural

parts for Hello!Lucky stationery coming soon (I think the fat bird in the middle is funny), for bumble pattern

for old rose pattern, for folk pattern

some weird animals, for forty flowers wallpaper

for ladders pattern, for beasts pattern


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