Sketchbook: Kaye Blegvad

Today I’m excited to share the sketchbooks of London based illustrator Kaye Blegvad. Kaye has been doing illustration work for a few different clients including The New York Times Book Review, but her main focus has been on designing jewelry. Her pieces are based on drawings or themes from her 2-d work. She said she really enjoys “translating illustrations into physical objects, and trying to make jewellery that suggests a narrative.” You can check out her jewelry right here. This is what Kaye had to say about the sketchbooks she’s shared below: “I sometimes find sketchbooks too restrictive (something about all those blank pages is so intimidating!) so for a while I worked on scraps of paper and kept them in a folder ‘sketchbook’. I still do this quite often, I really like it as a way of working. Though nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction of filling a sketchbook; I just never want to ‘mess up’ a page in a sketchbook because I feel like it ruins the whole thing. I have dozens of sketchbooks which have a few pages filled and then are abandoned. A really bad habit!” You can see more of Kaye’s work here and follow her blog here. Thanks so much to Kaye for sharing!


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