Sketchbook: Liza Corbett

I met Liza a while back at a business ladies meet-up a friend put together. She was just starting to get going on her illustration career and I was so impressed with her dark, beautiful, feminine illustration style. Well I think it’s probably been about a year now and I am amazed at how far she’s come since then. She’s doing work for all kinds of publications now like Atlantic Monthly, Bitch and Bust and has self-published two books full of her drawings. Her work is drawn mostly in ink and colored with washes. I love how she plays with proportion on her characters. She seems to favor drawing woman with long necks and intricately detailed hair styles piled on top of their heads. They all seem like characters in a very cool fairy tale. Liza was recently in an online exhibit at Servicio Ejecutivo and you can view her work for that show here. Also check out these fabulous pillows she’s made with her drawings in her etsy store. Her website has tons of big images of her work and her blog will keep you updated with what she’s up to next. Today she shared a great peek into her sketchbook- a real treat to see. Thanks Liza!



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