Sketchbook: Lou Medel

Lou Medel’s sketchbook work is quite unique. He has taken advantage of the existing graph paper background in his little moleskine and created a series of designs using the grid. His first series of patterns has overlapping shapes in marker and pen. I like when the layers from previous pages show through the thin paper and he adds those bleeds to his new design. In the second series, he fills the boxes to make letters. While these still use his pattern technique, letters emerge creating a 3-d effect. I remember doodling graph paper hearts in math class, but Lou has taken the idea to the extreme. I can see him continuing this style in huge wall sized pieces. It reminds me of this wall-sized crossword puzzles my friends had but never finished (can anyone finish this?). I always thought it was so beautiful. Lou was born and raised on the South side of Chicago. He says making art is very therapeutic for him. I think his work is very therapeutic to look at! Check out his full portfolio right here.


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