Sketchbook: Meg Hunt

I found Meg through her flickr page. It’s so exciting to click through flickr profiles and then discover a real gem like Meg with tons of photos of work to look through. On her flickr page she posts a lot of sketches and then the final pieces and shows a little of the process which is my favorite. She even keeps a blog called Trade Secrets where she shares what she’s learned being a freelance illustrator for the last couple of years. You can find her work in the pages of magazines like Nickelodeon, Utne Reader and various alternative weekly newspapers like Boston’s Weekly Dig. It’s so nice to see her work in the comic form too. Her pen strokes are masterful- her variation from thick to thin seem to be in just the right places. This is what Meg had to say about her work and sketchbooks-” I like to draw and compose strange drawings with many little details. My work has been influenced by a background in printmaking, working with texture and flat colors. My sketchbooks are nothing fancy, but they allow me to work out rough ideas, practice inking, and remember certain lines and patterns for later. I draw a lot of monsters and people in my spare time, but any idea I can think of I jot down for later. As a result, my sketchbooks often have lettering in them– both for notes and for practicing letterforms. I don’t mind ugliness in my sketchbooks– and actually it seems to come more naturally in the books that way!” Well there isn’t much ugliness in the sketchbook pages she sent over to share today. For more on Meg check out her website, her flickr page and her blog. She even has a small etsy store where there are so really sweet silkscreen prints. Thanks Meg for sharing!



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