Sketchbook: Mia Christopher

Big thanks to Sian Keegan for introducing me to the sweet and quirky work of Mia Christopher. Mia’s drawings and paintings are so simple but there is such nice humor to them. Plus her color taste is very sophisticated making what could look like drawings for children, much more mature. I asked Mia to tell me a little about what she’s been up to with her work. Here’s what she had to say: “As far as what I’ve been up to, I’ve been keeping busy finishing pieces for two upcoming group shows. I have ten pieces in Anno Domini’s Fresh Produce show in San Jose on December 4th, and two pieces in Together Gallery’s upcoming group show Family Quilt on December 5th. I am also going to be a part of a yet to be titled exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle that is opening February 4th, 2010. I went back to school this semester to finish my BFA. I’m at California College of the Arts majoring in painting and drawing, I have about a year and a half left. I really love it and it’s been pushing me and my work which is something I really treasure. I have lots of plans for the coming year- print editions, a book, maybe two, many more group shows, collaborations with other artists, etc.” Thanks so much to Mia for sharing I hope to feature more of her work in the future.


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