Sketchbook: Rachel Levit

Rachel Levit is a Mexican illustrator living in New York, and a star student with me in the Parsons Illustration program. She also just had a piece accepted into American Illustration 30! Her delicate and detailed line work weaves together her upbringing in Mexico and current life in New York. Rachel’s work is full of references to traditional Mexican imagery, often as small decorative details to portraits or scenes. Skulls, hearts, hands, crosses, and eyes become background or clothing patterns. The figures and faces she draws often are small and rounded like folk art figurines. Her color palette is usually limited to blacks, whites, and creams, giving her work a pared-down nostalgia. At the same time, she carves her modern style, filling sketchbooks with pretty girls and fashion-inspired drawings. You can see more of Rachel’s work on her Flickr or blog. She also has a zine pack for sale in her Etsy shop that includes 2 zines, a sticker, and an original doodle for $5!


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