Sketchbook: Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca Rubin and I lived down the hall from each other while at school at Risd. I have always been really intrigued by her work. I remember falling completely in love with two enormous- I mean taller than me and I’m almost 6 feet- paintings. I am not a big fan of abstract work but these paintings Rebecca did were gorgeous. They had so much texture made with tiny little lines and thick paint and so much red in beautiful shades. If I were a rich person they would have been mine. Rebecca’s work continues to impress me and now that she finally has her new website launched I can see what she’s been up to more recently. today she shares her sketchbooks. Here’s what Rebecca says about them and her recent work-

I perceive my sketchbooks to be a playground, a platform to explore and to have uninhibited fun. The drawings in my sketchbooks serve as conceptual starting points and ending points for almost everything I do, and I work in them everyday.
The projects I am presently working on, particularly the book, Glossary started as intimate, spare, and economical sketches to record everyday events in my life.

Glossary was recently a finalist in the Spring 2008 Diagram Poetry Chapbook Competition; it is a visual extension to a novel I am at work on. My sketchbooks are just like my best friends, I’d be lost without them and they are irreplaceable.

I can’t wait to see Glossary. But for now check out Rebecca’s beautiful sketchbook pages which use a variety of techniques- from stamping to drawing to I can’t even tell how else she made some of those textures! I love the page totally full green pen lines. I would never have thought that would look so nice. Thanks so much Rebecca for sharing!



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