Sketchbook: Reka Kiraly

Today (I know it’s the weekend but Friday was too busy) I share the sketchbooks of Reka Kiraly. Reka is a Hungarian designer who now lives and works in Finland. Her sketchbooks are really awesome and each page is a nice graphic I think she should scan in the computer and make into a pattern. I love the abstracted figures, interesting clumps of shapes and thick bold lines. The work on her site shows how designs like these are used on final products. Check out the calendar, notecards and prints she features on her site. As Joku Design, Reka works as a graphic designer on book, catalog and cd design. I especially like the visual identity project she did for The Foreign Affairs exhibition (scroll down). Reka also has a blog where she shares inspirations, her current projects and personal tidbets. Thanks Reka for sharing and I can’t wait to see more sketchbook work from you.



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