Sketchbook:Julia Rothman Part 2

So tomorrow is my birthday again (28- getting up there) and as tradition I decided to post something I made again- a little part deux to my sketchbook series. This sketchbook today is from college actually so it’s almost six years old now-wow. I worked on it my last semester during an independent study with my favorite teacher Robert Brinkerhoff. But I remember this being just a side project along with weekly paintings- which amazes me now. It takes me so long to get myself to make one tiny painting now and here I was filling a book in a couple months. I guess in school that’s all you have to do- no worries about real life stuff (ie taxes which I still have to organize!) Looking back at this sketchbook is a trip down memory lane. I was really into drawing out of fashion magazines- especially the free ones from the 1980s they gave out at the Picture Collection where I worked. So there’s a lot of fashion people in these pages mixed with portraits of people I knew- my old boyfriend, my roommate, my friends. There’s even a drawing of my apartment- which was such a nice place- I think twice the size of my place now.

The book is an accordian fold if you open the whole thing it stretches through two rooms of my apartment. There’s also a lot of writing in it which is funny to read and cringe at. All the drawings are made with ink and gouache- still my favorite medium. I added a front and back cover to the book later which is just some cardboard covered in thick textured paper which has been bleached from the sun since. One day when time is all I have I’d like to do another painted sketchbook- but right now if I paint, it’s going towards a show- to be sold. Anyway, thanks for looking.
(Tomorrow I finally get to wear this Marimekko dress my boyfriend got me as one of my b-day presents and I am so excited- i know I sound like a stupid girly girly but I can’t help it)



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