Sketchbook: Seb Cazes

I am sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. It is not for lack of beautiful books, as I have a huge stack ready next to me, but for lack of time. It has been the busiest two work weeks ever. And I am soo very ready for this long weekend and to catch up on my sleep finally. But before I go I wanted to do a post that might make up for my missing days, the sketchbooks of French illustrator Seb Cazes. He has so many sketchbooks and sent over a ton of images from a mix of books. Here’s what he had to say about them: “Fifteen years ago when I started to draw in sketchbooks and collect them I would draw just for drawing’s sake- this was during art school. Then I understood the notion of texture and pure, fast and impulsive ideas was essential to start anything, just an illustration or an entire big design project. My artwork always combined the research of texture, accumulation, and committed ideas. Thats the reason why the sketchbook artwork is important, it can mix everything at the same time. Its all your life in them: ideas, memories, trips, and the basis of new works, and the accumulation of those books collected for years is something like a piece of art. Because its also the opportunity to mix all the different techniques (collage, drawing, painting, photography…). The sketchbook artwork is like being free in the everyday creativity and inspiration we have to cope with in our professional work.” You can see more of Seb’s work here and you can buy artwork he’s created here. Thanks to Seb for sharing!


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