Welcome Leah Goren To BBIC!! (and a peek into her sketchbook)

I am so excited to introduce you to my new BBIC assistant Lean Goren!! You’ll be hearing from her in the coming weeks as she helps me review books, interview artists and invite more artists to share sketchbooks. I actually met Leah a while back when I visited Parsons as a guest critique in her illustration class taught by Edward del Rosario. I was immediately smitten with Leah’s work. I actually described it as very “hip” and immediately swallowed my words when the class started teasing her. But what I meant is that I think she has great taste. Her drawings are quite beautiful and her patterns for apparel are something I could see myself wearing. She’s only finishing up her third year at school and already has built up an impressive portfolio where her unique style is apparent. So when I put out a request for an assistant here, and Leah responded, I couldn’t be happier to give her the position. Today I have convinced her to let me share her sketchbook here so you can get a taste for her work. It’s full of lovely loose ink drawings and watercolor sketches. Be sure to check out her site, blog and etsy shop for even more. Thanks and welcome Leah!!!


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