Surface Design & Fashion
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RetroDesignsOfJapan Retro Designs Of Japan
IMG_4898 The Gentlewoman
patterns Textiles of the Wiener Werkstatte: 1910-1932
by Ruperta Pichler and Angela Volker
textile design Sonia Delaunay: Fashion and Fabrics
by Jaques Damase
sam8 Well-Read Women (+interview with author/illustrator Samantha Hahn)
by Samantha Hahn
BBIC1464 Flip Fashion
by Lucille Clerc
celia-birtwell13981-edit Celia Birtwell
by Celia Birtwell and Dominic Lutyens
marimekko_7 Kuvioissa: Marimekko
PP_4 Print & Pattern 2
by Bowie Style
vera1 Vera: The Art and Life of An Icon
by Susan Seid
exp1 Experimental Pattern Sourcebook
by Jackie Herald
pp Print & Pattern
by Bowie Style
russ2 Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the bazaars of central asia
by Susan Meller
excite2 Exciting World of Pattern Design
by Zeixs
pat2 Patterns-Motifs/ Muster/ Patronen
by Macarena San Martin
repro Repro Depot Pattern Books: Flora and Fauna
by Djerba Goldfinger
fashworld3 My wonderful world of fashion
by Nina Chakrabarti
devil Devils in the Detail
by PageOne
ova Over & Over
by Mike Perry
simply Simply Pattern
by Viction:ary
fas Fashion Illustration By Fashion Designers
by Laird Borrelli
mina Minä Perhonen 3 Print
by Minä Perhonen
scan Unknown (Scandinavian textile and patterns)
wonder5 Fashion Wonderland