The Gentlewoman

IMG_4898It’s rare that I spend more than a few minutes flipping through a fashion magazine. Most are full of beauty tips I would never use, clothes I would never wear (or be able to afford), and celebrities I have no interest in. I had a very different experience with my first issue of The Gentlewoman (issue 9). The magazine focuses much more on fashion as creative expression and interviews artists and designers about their work. I spent a long time reading this issue and left feeling very inspired.





It’s unusual for a women’s magazine to be both aspirational and accessible. One of my favorite articles in this issue is an essay about being a woman drinking alone in a bar, which makes this small act seem like the most confident, sophisticated, and feminist thing in the world. Sitting at a bar and enjoying a drink on my own is something I’ve never thought to do- and this essay made me wonder why.



The styling of the fashion spreads is reality-based and the clothes are wearable- which makes for great inspiration as well. I loved the interview with Vivienne Westwood, who is also on the cover- it made me want to know more about her. There is an interview with musician Cate leBon, who talks about her love of making pottery (she made a mug for every person who pre-ordered her album), and a clever photo essay about pockets- all shown in close-up.

The Gentlewoman is biannual and available in bookstores (I picked up this copy at McNally Jackson) or through their website, and I highly recommend it.



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