by Mike Perry

Over & Over

Mike Perry has done it again, but this time instead of handdrawn type it’s handdrawn pattern. I was super excited to see what this book was going to look like since his last was so amazing (and also because handdrawn patterns is my passion.) I think it’s great that a lot of the artists in this book you would never consider pattern designers. The contributers are fine artists, designers and even artists who do comics. So this book definitely sticks out from the huge pile of pattern books I have amassed which usually focus on the designers most popular in wallpaper and textile patterns. From crazy intense detailed patterns to beautiful florals, this book has a nice range of hip looking designs bleeding to the edges of whole spreads. I have one tiny criticism though (sorry Mike) but I wish the cover was a little bit more of a reflection of the interior. Why not make a pattern out of the handdrawn words “Over & Over”. It just seems really weird and distracting to me that this very crisp computer made type introduces a book of the handmade. Anyway, no biggie, you should get this book here.


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