plant_00_cover Art Forms in the Plant World
by Karl Blossfeldt
by Max Bill
IMG_7009 Luigi Colani: Designing Tomorrow
by Luigi Colani and Akira Fujimoto
CD TEN - 2 California Design Ten
by Eudora M. Moore, et. al. (Pasadena Art Museum)
circ Brian Wildsmith’s Circus
by Brian Wildsmith
therewas Mary’s Lamb and There was an Old Woman
by Geraldine Clyne
eyrie Eyrie 13 1977
college The Bright Child’s All American College Coloring Book
by Richard Rosenblum
sex2 The Pictorial Guide to Sexual Intercourse
by Istvan Schwenda, Thomas Leucher
cook The ABC of Jiffy Cookery…
by Peter Pauper Press
gree La Foret
by Alain Gree
lazy The Lazy Lion
by Helen Wang, Jan B. Balet
finger Finger Plays for Nursery and Kindergarten
by Emilie Poulsson
lolly The Lollypop Factory
by Mary Elting/ Jeanne Bendick
sweetpicklecover Sweet Pickle Books
by Jacquelyn Reinach & Richard Hefter