Eyrie 13 1977

The last time I was in Chicago we did our routine antique mart tour. I was looking through the books section and for some reason started looking through this old yearbook from 1977. The inside cover was all inscribed to this guy Bob with messages like “don’t party too much this summer” and “no more cheating in Physics”. Looking through the pages brought my back in time when everyone wore striped tube socks and pointy collared button-down shirts. I got so engrossed in looking at all the goofy looking people in the black and white images, that when Jenny and Matt came to tell me it was time to go, I decided I couldn’t part with it. It cost me a whole seven dollars. And in the car ride to the next shop we came up with projects I could do involving it. My new goal would be to redraw the entire yearbook exactly how it looks now but where all the text was, instead replace it with stories about the people in the images. The rest of the trip I fantasized about drawing the thick glasses the administration team wore and the cheerleading squad in their messy pyramid. Then somehow when I got home, the yearbook got hidden under piles of other stuff, there were other things to do, and maybe it wasn’t such a good idea anyway. And so this is another project idea swept under the rug. But I am glad I have this book. Every so often when I’m bored I take it out and it entertains me for a while.


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