by Cafe Royal

Cafe Royal Issue 0

I just learned about Cafe Royal founded by Craig and Joanne Atkinson in the UK. It’s an online store that sells all kinds of artist’s books and zines. It also published it’s own first book- Cafe Royal Issue 0 full of seventeen artists drawings. The cover is color but the inside is all black and white and it’s a numbeed edition of 300. A couple of the artists included I have previously posted about- actually pretty recently- David Shrigley and Justin B Williams. I was most excited to discover a Belgium (Antwerp) based artist who I had never heard of whose work I love- Ward Kuypers. His portraits in this book are really good with lots of big-eyed people with interesting expressions. I also recognized Thinkmule’s work from flickr. In this book he has contributed some interesting line drawings with white lines on black paper. This book is definitely worth a look and so is some of the other stuff Cafe Royal is selling. I bought a couple other things too which I’ll post about later this week.


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