by Cafe Royal

Field Trip Magazine #1

Suddenly I’m ready for summer to be over. I’ve had enough of sweating and humming acs. I’ve been dreaming of cool crisp days wrapped in a wool coat and scarf. But then flipping through the first ever issue of Cafe Royal’s new magazine Field Trip, I was reminded of all the amazing summer days I’ve had filled with warm orange sun and picnics with friends. Some of the images in the magazine capture that perfect moment feeling, somewhere you want to stay forever because you just feel so happy. The magazine is pages full of photos by different artists- all made using film- no digital images. Many artists used Polaroids, Holgas or good old fashioned 35mms. With all the photo filters you can download for your digital images to make your images look yellowed or vintage or give that Polaroid effect, it’s nice to know these are all authentic- no fancy tricks. Get lost in perfect moments- pick up a copy here.

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